A Poole of views 4th November 2011

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Poole’s Member of Youth Parliament will be joining over 300 young people from across the UK in a debate in the House of Commons this Friday 4th November. It’s a very exciting opportunity, not just for the young people directly involved, but for all young people, to see which issue will be UK Youth Parliament’s National Campaign in 2012.

With over 65,000 young people having voted on the 5 Debate topics, including many young people from Poole, we were excited to see what they would be. It was great to see so many young people voting, particularly when all the work was carried out by young people themselves. We have been talking to young people across Poole to find out their views on the 5 topics so that young people’s views in Poole can be heard. It is clear that Public Transport is a big issue for young people in Poole so that debate in particular will be very interesting.

Nathan Thompson, Member of Youth Parliament for Poole, says “I am very much looking forward to such a big event for the young people of the UK. I will really be looking forward to hearing the views of young people, as well as hopefully contributing in the debates. It’s a truly exciting build up!”

I am Deputy Member of Youth Parliament for Poole, and Media Rep for the South West at this event, so both Nathan and I will be heading up to the House of Commons on Friday. Throughout the build-up to the event it has been great to see so many young people wanting to have a say and get involved. It is fantastic that UKYP has the opportunity to debate in the House of Commons every year; for MYPs, young people and UKYP as a whole – showing all the positive things that young people are involved in.

Vicky Olive, DMYP for Poole
South West Media Rep