Highest turnout for UKYP election? DORSET – 49,000 votes cast!!!!! 9th February 2012

Last week the local UK Youth Parliament elections organised by Dorset County Council, returned three MYPs and three deputies in one of the highest turnouts so far recorded this year. Moya Dunne from Ferndowne Upper School topped the poll with 6,700 votes. Is this the highest poll for either a local election or for an individual candidate? We d like to hear from if you think yours was higher? Email press@ukyp.org.uk. This year BYC and UKYP want to publish as much detail about the elections, turnout on our new website, so make sure your youth worker or support staff complete our online registration for UKYP, Youth Councils or Young Mayors.

The other two elected members of the UKYP for Dorset are:

Jamie Edge MYP from Emmanuel Middle School, 4,822 votes.

Natasha Glendenning MYP from The Gryphon School, 4,466 votes.

They will be supported by three Deputy MYPs:

Leon Buengiorno from The Blandford School, 3,611 votes.

Lloyd Hatton from All Saints School, 3,449 votes.

Imogen Barnard fromWoodfoffeSchool, 3,222 votes.

Candidates used video manifestos to canvass for votes in local schools and youth clubs. Cabinet Member for Children’s Services Toni Coombs talking to Dorset Newsroom said: “Congratulations to the winning candidates, and to everyone who put themselves forward and campaigned. It’s so important for young people to be involved in their community and in local politics. Local and national Government decisions affect so much in our lives, particularly in the difficult times we’re currently experiencing, and it is vital that young people understand the importance of their voice.

“I wish the newly elected MYPs a successful and enjoyable year. I’m sure they will represent the views ofDorset’s young people well, and with passion. It’s fantastic to see such a high number of young people voting and taking part in these elections.”

The six successful candidates will also sit on the Dorset Youth Council known as DYCE (Dorset Youth Council Enables).

Dorset County Council’s participation youth worker Shani Bancroft said:

“The candidates have worked very hard in the lead up to the event, and have taken the process very seriously. It’s been wonderful to work with the young people and see their enthusiasm and dedication for their communities, for the youth ofDorsetand for voicing what’s important to young people today.

“Thank you to the local district and borough councils for the use of their polling booths and ballot boxes and to everyone who participated in counting the votes and running the elections – and huge congratulations to the new MYPs.”

UKYP thanks Dorset Newsroom for their permission to reproduce their story http://news.dorsetforyou.com/2012/02/ukyp-candidates-announced