MYP’s can share Blog posts on the new UKYP website! 14th February 2012

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MYP’s can now share blog posts on the new UKYP website!

MYP’s can click on the blog submission form if they want to raise an issue, share knowledge or help others enhance their campaigns and gain exposure. We are looking for exciting, inspiring and informative blog posts to share with the UK Youth Parliament Community.Read the previous blog posts for ideas and inspiration about issues that have already had Blogs submitted by MYP’s

Please submit your blog post sumbissions into the form using these content format guidelines…

Blog title

Blog introduction sentence

Blog main body text

Make sure you give us these pieces of information inside the ‘Suggested post content’ box too…

1. Full Name

2. LEA Location

3. email address

4. Blog web URL, at the base of the post so we can record this privately in order to contact you.

5. Make sure the image you submit is 460 w by 290 h (Pixels) or bigger (but not larger than 1mb) with the key content in the centre as it gets auto cropped eg the face.

6. Relavent links (Eg to blog/twitter)

Suggest as accurate content as possible. Make sure you check spelling and grammer and save your post before submitting to us.

Content rules
By submitting content you agree to the terms. – DO NOT post messages which are racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise offensive – DO NOT give out your telephone number, mobile number, postal address – DO NOT post messages which contain swear words or other language likely to offend – DO NOT repeatedly post the same or similar messages (referred to as ‘spam’) – DO NOT impersonate other people – DO NOT advertise commercial products or services – UK Youth Parliament is a non-party political organisation. Reference to political parties in messages is acceptable, but continual promotion by a user of a political party is not allowed N.B. UKYP reserves the right to suspend or terminate any content at any time. UKYP also reserves the right to delete any posting, at any time, for any reason.

Submit your content into this blog submission form 

You will need a password from the team to have access to this. MYP’s can get the password by asking their regional coordinator or emailing with a link to your blog and the article that you want to publish.