Campaign Action Update: Education Youth Select Committee 8th May 2013


For the attention of all Members of Youth Parliament:

Many of you have been working away, carrying out the UKYP campaign actions and we have started to update everyone with the responses that you have been receiving. Another one of these updates will be sent around shortly as we have received a lot more information following the first one. We urge those of you that are yet to complete these tasks to continue to work on these. For those who have completed these, though, we now have another task for you:


Call for Evidence

As you will be aware, the call for evidence has now gone out for the Youth Select Committee which will focus on education and the curriculum. For those of you who have had a response from your MPs, from Headteachers, from the Secretary of State and/or from Party Leaders this is your chance to develop those relationships.

Write and ask for permission:

We know that many of you have had responses, some in support and some outlining their own views on the issue. We would love to use these as evidence in the Select Committee so we want you to write back to them and ask them if you can submit their response.

Alternatively, they may like to submit something specific that outlines their views on the matter so you can ask them if they would prefer to do this.


Who else would you like to hear from?

Finally – if there are other relevant organisations or individuals that you feel we should hear from we would urge you to contact them as well.


Click here for further information on the Youth Select Committee and how to submit evidence.

If anybody you speak to would like more information on the Youth Select Committee this is the best link to send them.