UKYP seeks Make Your Mark Champions 26th June 2014


Last year we gave a voice to over 470,000 young people. This year we want to give voice to a shed load more young people a voice, and we need your help.

Aged 11-18? Up for a big challenge? No experience necessary. Tigger-like enthusiasm desirable.

What does the Make Your Mark Champion do?

Between 12th Aug and 10th Oct; simply, get other young people in your school, college, or youth group to vote. This can be online, on a ballot paper, or as basically as on post-its or putting hands up. You add up the results, get a member of staff to verify it and send it back to us.

What happens with the results?

All the results get added up on 11th Oct. This selects the topics that Members of the UK Youth Parliament debate and vote on to be their campaign for the year ahead, during their sitting in the House of Commons on 14th November.

How do we help?

There’s a dedicated website for online voting and loads of resources for use in groups, assemblies etc. Which will go live in mid July

What’s in it for you?

MYM Champions who get over a 1000 ballots will receive a medal.

Interested? All you need to do is register: