UK Youth Parliament demand a new age for democracy 29th January 2018

UK Youth Parliament has commenced its year-long campaign for a lower voting age and a curriculum that prepares young people for life. The campaigns commence following the last summer’s Make Your Mark ballot and a subsequent vote by Members of Youth Parliament at the House of Commons Sitting in November.

Votes at 16 and a ‘Curriculum for Life’ are longstanding priorities for young people within the UK. In the last 5 years, young people have declared the issues a priority and campaigned on them repeatedly. Members of Youth Parliament have acknowledged that there is still much work to be done for both campaigns but recognised their actions are making a difference.

Ayesha Khan, aged 17, Member of Youth Parliament for Peterborough said  “We’ve made the case for enfranchising 16 and 17 year olds time and time again and the case for it remains strong. 1.5 million young people are being denied a vote in elections. This year we’ll continue to our efforts to convince decision makers this must change!

“The case for a curriculum for life has also been made repeatedly. We want PSHE to address all the topics that will allow young people to actively participate in life! It’s imperative that time is set aside in our timetables – it can’t just be a filler or a random session, it should go alongside academic subject lessons to ensure enough importance is being placed on those skills that are truly indispensable.”

Ayesha Khan, Member of Youth Parliament for Peterborough speaking at the House of Commons in November 2017.

Members of Youth Parliament will be working throughout the year to widen support for each issue. They’ll host events in schools and colleges, take collective action at a regional level and lobby decision makers. Any young person who resonates with the issue can take part in campaign activities alongside Members of Youth Parliament.

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