Procedure Group Elections Information

What does the Procedures Group (PG) do?

The UKYP Procedures Group makes the decisions that guide the development of the UKYP programme within the British Youth Council eg. being consulted on and making decisions about UKYP, planning and helping to run Conventions, working in partnership with staff to organise and facilitate the arrangements for the Annual Sitting.

The Procedures Group is made up of 1 representative from each nation and region of the UK, who has been elected by their region to represent the views of their MYPs at a UK level. It aims to physically meet 3 times a year including an induction residential (transport costs are provided), whilst discussing and agreeing urgent issues using e-mail and Facebook.

Who can stand?

Each region and nation will elect one representative to the Procedures Group on the 13th October  (Convention 2 in the English Regions, Scotland and NI). Wales will vote at Convention 2 at the end-October. To stand for the Procedures Group, you must:

  • be 18 or under (but at least 16 years old) on the first day of the induction residential (25th – 27th January 2019).
  • be a serving MYP or an existing PG rep. You can only hold the position of PG for two years, and dependant on re-election.

You should be able to attend the PG meetings and Conventions, as it will be your duty to provide a report at each of the meetings. You must get the permission of your parent/guardian to travel alone to events before standing for election. This is because PG meetings are above the remit of the support of your youth worker or Youth Democracy Coordinator, so they would not be able to accompany you.

How are PG representatives elected?

A vote will take place during the UKYP meeting at Convention 2 and the result will be announced by a special Dispatch Box email by Monday 15th Oct. Each MYP and any PG restanding for election will get to vote for their preferred candidates. If you can’t attend you will be given the opportunity to vote remotely.

Timetable for PG elections

  • Notification of PG elections  – 5th September
  • Candidate registration has now closed. Nominations for the role in Wales have however reopened and will close at 11:45pm on 7th Oct
  • Manifestos circulated by 28th September 2018
  • Vote at Convention 2 (English Regions, Scotland and NI) 13th October 2018, Wales Convention 2 end October.
  • Results announced in Dispatch Box: Election Special – 15th October
  • PG Induction 25th –  27th January

Read the Candidate Statements 

Re-Opened Nominations for Wales

Before completing the nomination form below, please read the Procedures Group Application Pack (click to download)

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Please double check all information is current inc your Region/Nation and LA/Constituency, before submitting meeting. After clicking submit a message will pop up confirming receipt of your nomination (please turn off any pop up blocker), if you do not see this message then your nomination won’t have been received.