Procedures Group

Procedures Group

UK Youth Parliament’s Procedures Group (PG) makes the decisions that guide the development of the organisation, and agree on the arrangements for each sitting.

The Procedures Group is made up of one MYP from each region and the three devolved nations of the UK, who have been nominated by their region/nation to represent the views of their MYPs at a national level. It aims to meet a minimum of five times a year.

To contact the procedures group, email:


Current Procedures Group Representatives are:

East Midlands – Nishat Tamanna

East of England – Matthew Tinker

London – Oscar Thorpe

North East – Rebecca Moore

North West – Caitlin Cavanagh

Northern Ireland – Darragh O’Reilly

Scotland – Jack Norquoy

South East – Joshua Gray

South West- Chloe Lintern

Wales and British Forces Overseas – Jâc Scott

West Midlands – Connor Hill

Yorkshire and Humber – Jack Hogan


2016 Procedures Group Representatives are:

East Midlands – Rachel Wibberley

East of England – Emily Fox

London – Saffron Worrell

North East – Rebecca Moore

North West – Laura Edwards

Northern Ireland – Rebecca Connolly

South East – Kelly Balmer

South West- Chloe Lintern

West Midlands – Namir Chowdhury

Yorkshire and Humber – Minhaz Abedin

Scotland – Ewan McCall


2015 Procedures Group Representatives were:

East Midlands – Rachel Wibberley

East of England – Jakub  Makowski

London – Dunja Relić

North East – Jess Belch

North West – Ciara Brodie

Northern Ireland – Rebecca Connolly

South East – Thomas Soud

South West- Jessica Elms

West Midlands – Billy Howells

Yorkshire and Humber – Livy Newton

Scotland – Martyna Napierska



2014 Procedures Group Representatives were:

London – Fred Gill

Yorkshire and Humber – Katie Ward

East of England – Billie Bell

Northern Ireland – Ryan Cairns

South West – Jessica Elms

South East – Matthew Smeeth

West Midlands – Lukas Colledge

North East – Matthew Otubu

East Midlands – Ashleigh O’Mahoney

North West – Ciaran O’Shea

Scotland – Louise Cameron



2013 Procedures Group Representatives were:

London – Rhammel Afflick

Yorkshire and Humber – David McIntyre

East of England – Alex Hunt

Northern Ireland – Oliver Donelly

South West – Sam Foulder – Hughes

North West – Jessica Colston

West Midlands – Georgina Heeley

North East – Simon Pickles

East Midlands – Poppie Simmonds

South East – Jana Hunter

Scotland – Kyle Thornton


UK Youth Parliament PG Group 2012 with Siobhan Brasier Reece Connelly Graham Findlay PG Joe Seth Reason Shona Morrison Natalie Smith Samantha Parkes Rhammel Ukyp Afflick Nadirur Choudhury Jayde Tunnacliffeweb

2012 Procedures Group Representatives were:


South West – Siobhan Brasier

North East – Reece Connelly

South East – Graham Findlay

Northern Ireland – Shona Morrison

East Midlands – Natalie Smith

North West – Samantha Parkes

London – Rhammel Afflick

West Midlands – Nadirur Choudhury

Yorkshire and Humber – Jayde Tunnacliffe

East of England – Joseph Reason


ukyp procedures group

2011 Procedures Group Representatives were:

East Midlands – Chris Bennetts & Natalie Smith

East of England – Holly Abbott & Colette Lewis

London – Funmi Abari & David Collier

Northern Ireland – Conal O’Hare & Ellen Shannon

North East – Misba Islam & Katrina Sugden

North West – Asma Butt & Jamie Elkaleh

South East – Diko Blackings & Josh Harsant

South West – Siobhan Brasier & Kate Taylor

West Midlands – Manraj Mander & Oliver Philips

Yorkshire & Humberside – Sonia Sanghera & Jayde Tunnacliffe