Action Against Knife Crime

About the campaign

Our England only campaign for 2019

As knife crime has continued to climb over the last few years, the UK Youth Parliament believes that this issue needed to be addressed.  In the 2018 Make Your Mark ballot, over 196,000 young people aged 11-18 from across the UK voted to put an end to Knife Crime. Members of Youth Parliament respectively voted at the House of Commons to make this the England only campaign for 2019, to get young people and decision makers to take action against knife crime.

Campaign aims:

We would like to see a significant reduction in knife crime across the UK – through:

  • Raising awareness of the devastating effects of knife crime and how it affects people across the UK
  • Exploring the multiple factors of knife crime, including mental health, education and youth services
  • Gaining support from decision makers
  • Preventing young people from carrying knives by creating platforms for young people to engage with the community
  • Raising awareness of what young people can do to support the cause


For the campaign to be as effective as possible, the UK Youth Parliament believes that it is important to get everyone involved. From Parliament to the playground, it is essential that everyone engages in the conversation and takes action on the campaign.

What’s been happening online?

You can follow the discussion through the hashtag #ActionAgainstKnifeCrime or by visiting our Facebook and Twitter.


The resources below will help you plan your knife crime sessions and help you navigate social media and other communications.

Campaign Briefing and Toolkit
Campaign PowerPoint