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Equal National Minimum Wage

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Should the national minimum wage be changed to one even level?



House of Commons debate report:

How is it fair that two people doing the same job over the same hours and with the same skills get paid such different rates just because of their age? This was the question being asked by members of the UK Youth Parliament in their fourth debate of their annual visit to the House of Commons in November 2012.

Everyone agreed the £2.51 disparity in minimum wage between a 16 and a 21-year-old doing the same job was unfair.  Supporting 15-year-old Martyn Bonham MYP, who presented the case for the motion, was Daisy Murphy from the North West who said: “At 16 we pay full prices for bus fares, clothes etc, so why should we be paid less? Are we expected to work less or be less productive? No.”

50 out of 295 MYPs voted for ‘An Equal National Minimum Wage For All’ to be the UKYP’s priority campaign