England campaign: Curriculum for life

Curriculum for life

About the campaign

UKYP national campaign for England in 2014 – Curriculum For Life

We believe that the place of citizenship education and PSHE in the curriculum should be radically overhauled through a youth-led UK-wide review; they are really important for young people’s growth and development as they teach vital life skills and can be the first steps to engaging young people in political life. Teaching staff should be specifically trained to a national standard to deliver citizenship education following this review.


Time to start campaigning! – Useful documents

What is it we want, and how are we going to get it?  Download the Accompanying Briefing to find out.

We also want you to collect names and signatures of those who support the campaign – download the Curriculum For Life Petition

Get your school to agree to teach a Curriculum for Life – download the Education Pledge


Review Your School Pack

A key part of ensuring that schools teach a ‘Curriculum to Prepare Us for Life’ is consulting with their pupils as to what life skills they want to learn, how they want to learn it and the effectiveness of current position. This is your chance to assess your own school, help us build up a national picture of PSHE and Citizenship provision and to tell your school what you would like to be taught.

At the moment few students are actively consulted as to what their PSHE and Citizenship lessons should include. A survey by the sexual health charity Brook found that 78% of young people have never been consulted on what should be covered in their sex and relationships lessons.

You may have already succeeded in getting your school or other schools in your area to pledge to teach a ‘Curriculum to Prepare Us For Life’ and this review procedure will help to ensure that the provision they have put in place is effective, relevant and reflective of pupils views in that school. We want to make sure that each pledge is taken seriously and not forgotten as time goes on.

Alternatively you can use this Review Your School pack to help persuade teachers, governors and the head teacher of your school to adopt a ‘Curriculum To Prepare Us For Life’ by showing them a student’s view of PSHE and Citizenship within their schools.