We should work to achieve a lowering voting age, according to the UK Youth Parliament, which has chosen ‘votes for 16 and 17 year olds in all public elections and referenda’ as its national campaign for 2017. A ‘curriculum for life; was also chosen as the UK Youth Parliament’s priority campaign for England for a second time.

A total of 276 Members of Youth Parliament aged 11-18 took part in the debates, the subjects for which were voted for by 978,216 young people across the UK.

The top five topics were:

  • Stop cuts that affect the NHS. Funding that affects the NHS shouldn’t be cut. We must keep up vital services to protect young people.
  • Votes at 16. Give 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote in all elections/referenda.
  • Transport. Make public transport cheaper, better and accessible for all.
  • Tackling racism and religious discrimination, particularly against people who are Muslim or Jewish. All young people should work together to combat racism and other forms of discrimination, and ensure we know the dangers of such hatred.
  • A Curriculum to prepare us for life. Schools should cover topics like finance, sex and relationship education and politics.
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Below you'll find the latest resources for Members of Youth Parliament supporting the campaign: Phase 1 Campaign Briefing Local Press Release for National Day of Action Preparing to meet your MP Phase 2 Social Media Guidelines Phase...

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