The UK Youth Parliament works in every area of the UK. The contacts below will be able to tell you about events, elections, meetings and campaigns in your region or nation. To get involved, email the relevant contact below.


Email: Phone: 020 7250 8374


If you’d like to find out how to become a Member of Youth Parliament in your area please contact our regional staff here


Email: Phone: 020 7250 8374

To read our recent press releases visit the British Youth Council website.  




Post: UK Youth Parliament c/o British Youth Council CAN Mezzanine, 49-51 East Road, London, N1 6AH

UK Youth Parliament is for everyone

There are lots of ways for young people everywhere to get involved with the UK Youth Parliament, from supporting our campaigns to debating in our online forums. Maybe you even want to become an MYP yourself!

Organisation / Legal information

The work of UK Youth Parliament is currently managed by the British Youth Council (BYC), a charity working to ensure young people across the UK have a voice, and managed on a day to day basis by a team of central UKYP programme staff. The work across the nine English regions and three nations is overseen by Youth Democracy Co-ordinators. BYC maintains this website and whilst all staff are employed by BYC some will have UKYP email addresses to continue the separate identity of UKYP. Prior to 1 April 2011 all legal responsibility, management and liabilities were with the charity Democracy for Young People Ltd -1084716. and Company limited by guarantee, no 04147120. BYC has not taken over, merged with or is any way responsible for the previous activities of Democracy for Young People Ltd. British Youth Council Charity Number 1123224 Company Number 6226595 Registered Address: British Youth Council, CAN Mezzanine,40-51 East Street, London N1 6AH The copyright in the material contained in the UK Youth Parliament website belongs to the UK Youth Parliament.  All rights are reserved. Except solely for your own personal and non commercial use no part of this website may be copied, performed in public, broadcast or adapted without the prior written permission of the UK Youth Parliament. Intellectual property, images, branding, domains, copywrite and trading rights are c/o UK youth Parliament at the British Youth Council, and should not be reproduced without permission.