Schools/Colleges Registering as a Polling Station

Thanks very much for registering as a Polling Station!

How to run a Polling Station

  1. Register as a polling station by 11th February. Schools and Colleges are encouraged to have at least one pupil standing as a candidate
  2. Voting will take place through a secure website, with Unique Voter Codes allocated schools/colleges for distribution to pupils aged 11-18 to ensure each person only casts one vote,
  3. Once voting opens on 26th Feb 2018 encourage young people to read the manifestos of candidates in their constituency and to vote for the candidate they feel best represents them,
  4. Elections should a free and fair –
  • all young people aged 11-18 who wish to stand should be encouraged and supported equally.
  • young people should be free to vote for any candidate in their constituency – one candidate should not be promoted over others.
  1. Ensure any candidates from your school/college conduct themselves and their election campaign in a positive and fair manner.

Click to see the Polling Station Guidance


Democracy Awards – recognising and celebrating your support 

Your school/college could win a Democracy Aware for your commitment to encouraging pupils to take an interest in the democratic process –by engaging with the UK Youth Parliament elections.


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