Scottish MYP Elections

We are working with the Scottish Youth Parliament to enable MSYPs (aged 18 and under) the chance to stand and elect 16 MYPs

Download: Candidate and worker briefing

Election timetable:

7th March – Call for candidates.

12th Candidate registration closes at 10am (online).

14th Noon Voting opens: MSYPs (aged 18 and under) sent voter codes.

16th Voting closes and results announced.

Those aged 18 and under, and currently an MSYP are eligible to stand.


Key Dates 2018/19:

MYPs are elected through an online process. 2017/18 MYPs will continue in role until 22nd June. Those elected in March 2018, will be known as MYPs-elect

  1. April: 6th-8th MYPs-elect attend Leadership Programme (funding dependent)
  2. June 23rd: Convention 1 (confirmed)
  3. July 27th – 29th: UK Youth Parliament Annual Conference (Nottingham)
  4. October 13th: Convention 2 (confirmed)
  5. November: UK Youth Parliament House of Commons Sitting (confirmed)
  6. Feb 28th MYP term of office ends