Local Authorities, partner organisations and MYPs

What happens next?


When What Who
Noon Wed 10th Oct Results submitted, and online voting closes Schools, colleges, youth groups and LAs
Saturday 13th Exit Poll at Convention 2 this will include unverified regions/nations turnout and UK figure. It won’t include a breakdown the topics though BYC
Monday 13th Provisional results for your LA inc online votes, sent by email for checking/making any amendments.


We will also ask for the names/number of votes of Make Your Mark Champions, and the number of certificates you would like for the Champions (these will be available at Convention 3)

5pm Wednesday 17th LAs to confirm results via email, details of top MYM Champions, order number of MYM certificates LAs
Wednesday 25th Live with Make Your Mark – official announcement inc the 5 topics to be debated in the House of Commons, and the turnout BYC
Friday 9th November House of Commons Sitting– 5 topics debated, 2 campaigns voted upon All
Saturday 19th January Convention 3– preparation for the campaign launch, regional Star Awards ceremony All
Saturday 26th January Campaigns launched All