Local Authorities, partner organisations and MYPs

The results submission deadline has now passed. These are the key dates and activities leading up to the results announcement:

When What Who
Saturday 12th Convention 2. This will be a celebration of local and regional results, but won’t include the provisional UK total or details of the topics. As this will make the results announcement more newsworthy.

See the names of the schools, colleges and youth groups who have submitted results here

1pm Monday 14th Provisional results for your LA sent by email for checking/making any amendments. This will be a full breakdown of figures per submission.

We will also share the names/number of votes of Make Your Mark Champions. As well as the Local Topics that have been submitted via the website.

1pm Wednesday 16th LAs to confirm/make amendments to UK and Devolved figures via email. Plus details of top MYM Champions LAs
3:30pm Wednesday 25th Make Your Mark – video announcement inc the 5 topics to be debated in the House of Commons, and the turnout BYC
Friday 8th November House of Commons Sitting– 5 topics debated, 2 campaigns voted upon All
Saturday 18th January Convention 3– preparation for the campaign launch, regional Star Awards ceremony All

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Local Authority, partner organisations and MYPs: