Become a Make Your Mark Champion

Become a Make Your Mark Champion & help organise the vote

It’s simple, if you’re 11-18 years olds and would like to get other young people in your school, college, or youth group to vote. This can be online, on a ballot paper, or as basic as on post-its or putting hands up. You add up the results, get a member of staff to verify it and send it back to us.

What happens with the results?

All the results get added up in October 2017. This selects the topics that Members of the UK Youth Parliament debate and vote on to be their campaign for the year ahead, during their sitting in the House of Commons, which is due to take place in November 2017.

How do we help?

There’s a dedicated website for online voting and loads of resources for use in groups, assemblies etc. Which will go live in mid-July?

What’s in it for you?

Make Your Mark Champions who get over 1000 ballots will be recognised.


Make Your Mark Champions Guide  – all the dates and information you need to run the vote in your school.

Training Session Plan – after registering, and asking school/college to register, you can build a team of people to help run the vote.

Running your own Champions Training? Take a look at some suggestions to make it a success.

Ways of voting:

Tally Sheet– simple and straight forward way of running the vote. Perfect for Form/Tutor Groups, Fresher’s Fairs, small group work.

Paper Ballot– if would like to print your own ballots our PRESS version is suitable for commercial printers. The cheapest we’ve found for A5 90gsm ballots is through and standard delivery takes around 7 days from order.

Paper Ballot (Welsh language version)

Widget/Symbol Ballot– with special thanks to Jasmin Miller and Mocca Arape from BANES Youth Forum, Off the Record.

Download: Single sided Symbol Ballot

Download: Double sided Symbol Ballot

BSL video – massive thanks to Josh, Amy and Access Bedford for helping to produce this video


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