2018/19 Member of Youth Parliament Registration


Hello, and congratulations on being elected!

We now need to collect some info from you, which we’ll use through the year, to help plan events, and communicate with you

At the end you’ll be asked to upload a copy of the Consent Form, which needs to be completed and signed by a parent if you’re under 18. Download a copy of the Consent Form here [ADD LINK]

Please only complete this form if you have been elected as an MYP. If you are interested in Standing for Election click here

MYP Registration Form

All Members of Youth Parliament (MYP) attending British Youth Council (BYC) residential events, including but not limited to UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) events, and their parent/guardian are required to complete this registration form.

By providing the necessary details on this form you will be giving permission for the young person to attend all events organised by BYC in 2018/19.

Copies of the information on this form will also be held and used by the organisations contracted to deliver work on behalf of the BYC in the regions and nations.

Please be aware that it is a legal requirement for BYC to collect the details on this form before young people can attend any events. Each Local Authority may also require the young people and their parent/guardian to complete additional registration and/or consent forms for events for their own insurance/legal requirements.

No MYP will be allowed to attend BYC events without a fully completed copy of this form being returned via the details below.

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  • This will be the main way we will contact you
  • Accepted file types: png, jpeg, pdf.

    Please download, print and ask a parent to complete and sign the Consent Form (see this top of this page). Then take a photo/scan it and upload it