– Who registered before 17th July

Tasks for working with pre-registered schools, colleges and youth groups:

  1. Contact all registered schools/colleges and groups in your LA. Introduce yourself and offer help
  2. Find out when they’re running the consultation, make a note of the date(s)
  3. Check in with them just before- do they have everything they need? Have they found the resources on the UK Youth Parliament website?
  4. Contact them just after to say ‘Thank you’ and to get their verified results (using the School/College and youth group Count Sheet NB this is different to the unique LA/Constituency Count Sheet)
  5. Download your LA’s unique Count and Verification Sheet from the website and start to add the results ready for 10th Oct

The Pre-registered List (shared at the Annual Sitting) should be read alongside the complete list of schools and colleges in your LA/Constituency- which has been shared with workers, and in past Dispatch Boxes. Please use the pre-registered list to help identify tasks, and who will take responsibility for them and by when