– Want to get involved now

Tasks for involving non-registered schools/colleges:

1. Check your 21% LA/Constituency Target + school populations on the database. In Sept offer all schools etc the chance to get involved. But target + charm the biggest schools.
2. Get each Youth Councillor to approach their friendliest teacher (or go direct to a member of the Senior Leadership team). If they ’Yes’, find out when they’ll run the ballot- make sure they’ve seen the instructions and resources on the website on How To Get Involved Now 
3. The vote can be run by Prefects, School Council, Peer Mentors etc, going around Tutor Groups with Tally Sheets.
4. The Prefects, can be responsible for totalling the Tally Sheets, and the teacher just needs to sign off the School Count Sheet.
5. Follow up with all schools/colleges and groups; say Thank You + to ensure the Count Sheet or ballots are returned to you- around the 2nd Oct

Please use the master list of all schools/colleges (sent to workers and included in past Dispatch Boxes) to help identify tasks, and who will take responsibility for them and by when